Tuesday, June 9, 2009

mad artists series - nutmeg

i am proudly presenting the first mad artist in "mad artists series". her name is nutmeg.

here are her crazy answers to my crazy questions:

1.how have you gone insane? ( how did you start creating?)
My earliest memories of childhood are of glorious afternoons spent creating - the feel and smell of paint and the personalities I assigned to different colors as I worked with them. My papa was one of the original punk rock musicians and took me on tour with him sometimes in Europe, and thus my love for music, art, and travel was born. These days (when I'm not acting as a purveyor of exotic kitsch) my passion is for avant-garde art and installation.

2.how do you feed the inner monster or darling ? (what keeps your creative energy alive?)
I was born directly on the cusp of Pisces and Aries, and for those of you who are into astrology, that means I have an exigent need to seek out and create new things. I'm never content to simply look at something - I always wonder what I could DO with it. Travel, of course, is an ever-unfolding spring of inspiration, and I also draw heavily upon dream imagery in much of my work.

3.when is the highest peak of your craziness: morning, day, evening, night ? ( when is the peak of your creativity?)
I'm always at my best in the wee hours, and love working in a frenzy while the city sleeps, then basking in the beautiful, crisp morning before I go to bed.

4.what drives you mad?
I'm simply wild about German philosophy and French films! I love music, too, especially that of the pipe-organ and harpsichord (which is good, as Mr. Nutmeg is a classical pipe organist). One of my favorite things in the great large universe is urban decay and the accidental art that comes from peeling paint and suchlike.

5.who is your favorite mad artist?
I adore all of the Dadaists and early Surrealists, and have an especial fondness for Man Ray and Tristan Tzara. I also love the work of Hieronymus Bosch , as well as Henry Darger, a recluse whose entire life was spent creating whimsical illustrations on the walls of his apartment to go along with the novel he wrote about the epic battles of little winged girls.

6.what is your craziest (favorite) creation?
One summer, I spent all of my time making papier-mache masks of fanciful, invented deities. They still hang on my mum's wall.

and finally my choice of the most weird piece of nutmeg!

go insane with her at nutmegclick.etsy.com !


  1. Interesting theme and first interview!

  2. That was a fun interview with Nutmeg! I like her fave artists and I'm keen to check out her shop now. Thanks for introducing me to this artist :)