Wednesday, June 3, 2009

about artists... mad artists

are you interested in crazy, mad, weird, silly? art?
i was always extremely curious about what inspired artist to create this and that kind
of unusual and insane things.

let's talk about it! or better let artists talk what makes them to make crazy things.
in this blog i want to feature artists who create strange, unusual things or have created just once.

i made a list of questions for artists to answer ( hope crazy enough :)) have you gone insane? ( how did you start to create?) do you feed the inner monster ( alternative: darling or any)? (what keeps your creative energy alive?)
3.when is the highest peak of your craziness ( morning, day, evening, night) ? ( when is the peak of your creativity?)
4.what drives you mad?
5.who is your favorite mad artist?
6.what is your craziest (favorite) creation?
7. could you name any other crazy artist on (optional)


  1. I love your jewelery. They are realy uniqu!-) Good luck!

  2. Hey, I like your blog. It inspires me to do something insane too! :^)

  3. All your products very unusual and beautiful!
    I like them very much!