Thursday, July 2, 2009

about creativity and the old shoes

my blog was neglected for some time, but it doesn't mean i forgot about it. i was creating ...

i love making unique things with my hands. i want to show them and tell how i was making them

there are so many ideas and so little time to realize them :(
so for now i am working in two directions. . one is natural. everything i make in that direction is about nature, natural shapes and materials. i call it "earthy collection" and some of the items can also be seen at

in another direction i just started working. it is about old things that i try to give a second life, not just that. i want to give them new and quiet a different life. i believe in many lives for live beings. why not to give the chance to things ?
have a look and decide for yourself
you can find some of the revived stuff at

today i want tell you how i started with the old stuff revival idea

once upon a time there were old shoes. they were worn out, faded away, wrinkled and with grease and paint spots, but ... loved

i decided to give them new life

i loved their anatomic shape and they were worn a lot and become kinda very foot shaped. that is how i come up with idea of feet drawing. oh, yes, the color too

old and tired: